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Students and Learning

ITPs In New Zealand

ITPs (Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics) are government owned Tertiary Education Organisations (TEOs). Students/Learners that are enrolled at an ITP have access to rights and protections. A list of all ITPs (that are quality assured by ITP Quality) may be viewed under ITPs in New Zealand.


Office of the Ombudsmen

The Government has established an office within the Office of the Ombudsmen for investigating complaints about Tertiary Education providers and this option is open to ITP students if the students are unable to resolve the complaint at the ITP. Information about this process is available under Office of the Ombudsman.


Complaints Procedure

All students/learners at ITPs will have access to a complaints procedure if they are not satisfied with the training/education provided. Some complaints will be related to individual matters that may only be resolved locally at the ITP and some complaints may be more serious and require involvement of external organisations such as ITP Quality or the Office of the Ombudsmen. Information about this is available under Complaints Procedure.