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approval and accreditation

ITP Quality, under delegated authority from NZQA, approves ITP (Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics) programmes and accredits ITPs to deliver approved programmes. It considers three types of application:

  • approval of a programme developed by the provider (a local programme) and accreditation to deliver that programme
    Under the “Focus Audit” provision ITP Quality also approves programmes which have been approved by the Institution’s Academic Board.
  • accreditation of a provider to deliver a programme based on unit standards which have been registered on the National Qualifications Framework (which is administered by NZQA)
  • accreditation to deliver a programme which has already been developed by another institution and has already received ITP Quality or NZQA approval.


External (ITP Quality) approval of ITP programmes is not compulsory however there are circumstances for which ITPs need to demonstrate that a programme has been through an external quality assurance process. The Ministry of Education (MOE) requires ITPs to seek ITP Quality approval for programmes under certain cost classifications. There is also a requirement for approval of programmes where foreign students are enrolled. Mostly, however, ITPs seek approval and accreditation because it is a benefit to both students and the institute to go through an external quality assurance process.

In 2003 ITP Quality also received delegated authority from NZQA for the approval and accreditation of degree level programmes. All degree programmes must be approved and ITPs acrredited prior to delivery.

ITPs are also required to seek accreditation for nationally approved programmes and to assess against unit standards registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Much of the accreditation activity of ITP Quality is to evaluate the capability of polytechnics to deliver programmes based on national standards. The development and registration of national standards is a separate quality assurance process co-ordinated by NZQA with Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) and National Standards Bodies (NSBs).









































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